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Meet Sweeta Choony Munusami, our new manager

Sweeta, you joined the Residence Les Alizés team as manager about three months ago. How do you cope with the closed borders and the lack of guests?

Until recently, I worked in a company whose mission was to decorate 5 * hotels. My role was very important because when a guest pays a hotel room € 400 or € 500 per night, he has the right to be demanding. Unfortunately, with the health crisis, budgets were reduced and it was no longer possible to continue. I missed the guest contact a lot and also felt less useful than before. When I learned that a position was available at Les Alizés, I immediately applied to bring my experience.

You come from another horizon, this experience is new to you. What attracted you to Residence Les Alizés?

The first thing that attracted me to Residence Les Alizés was to be able to bring my experience in luxury hotels to a residence where guests would be treated like members of the family.

We do not pretend to provide the same service as in a luxury hotel, but I believe that in a small structure we can provide a more personalized, a more friendly but non-intrusive service. We also have the opportunity to make more personal connections, which gives more meaning to my work.

The previous manager had greatly contributed to the good reputation of our establishment. How are you going to keep or even improve the same level of guest satisfaction?

Improving the service we provide to our guests, whether they stay overnight or for a year, is all about listening. It seems to me essential to be able to adapt better to what our guests may wish. For example, when they come to the residence soon, they will already notice many changes.

What have you already undertaken since your arrival?

In three months, we made a lot of improvements. Mainly using the down time to do what we can’t do when we have plenty of guests. We have had the outdoor furniture completely restored with cushions colors to match those of the garden. Although we have always had a beautiful environment, we now put a lot more emphasis on colors with the many flowers that we have planted lately. The surroundings of the residence have also been improved. Many banana trees have been planted so that our guests can enjoy fresh fruit for free.

We have also created a second car park to the right of the building behind which a new garden is available to our guests. In a few months, it will be great to relax there when the plants have flourished.

Now, thanks to my experience, I systematically decorate the residence for all important holiday festivals.

Any particular satisfaction since your arrival?

I had all of our deckchairs restored by a disabled person. Here, there is no suitable structure for people with reduced mobility and it is very important to support them as much as we can. I think we need to be more involved in solidarity actions and I will continue in this direction.

What are your goals for the next few months?

My main goal for the next few months is to continue to improve the little things of everyday life and to make sure that all of our guests will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our facilities and our service. Fortunately, the financial strength of the residence allows us to get through this crisis without too many problems, but this is not the case for everyone. Thus, some of our partners did not have this chance and it is necessary that we forge new links with other companies such as car rental companies, taxis etc. I am waiting for the first signs of recovery to implement it.

What is your most important wish for 2021?

In the current context, it seems important to me to wish everyone to come out unscathed and in good health from this health crisis even if in Mauritius, we had the chance to eradicate this disease.

I also want the pandemic to end as quickly as possible so that we can see happy guests again. I look forward to seeing more life in our establishment even though this unusual period has allowed me to get to know Rita and Josef who have been with us, well protected from the Covid for a year. I hope that by then a few guests will choose to come and take shelter here since our government now issues one-year visas (premium visa).

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