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Mauritius wants to relaunch long stays with a premium visa

The country wants to attract retirees and those who wish to work remotely and safe from Covid19

The country is announcing a new premium visa to stimulate demand for long stays. According to the authorities, "The highest health standards and protocols will be maintained to ensure the health safety of visitors and premises and to ensure that Mauritius remains a safe destination," reassures the country's tourist office.

"Mauritius is not affected by the pandemic and, with its modern infrastructure, it represents the ideal place to work remotely with confidence," said the promotion body. The following are affected by this new visa: "the usual tourists who had planned to retire and emigrate to Mauritius before the Covid-19 pandemic; retirees ; investors and professionals who wish to come with their families and work remotely from Mauritius; and visitors who have children studying in Mauritius ".

A “breath of fresh air” for local tourism?

Only time will tell, but in order to get such a visa, visitors must show proof of their long-stay plan, have travel insurance and health insurance for the duration of the stay. The main place of activity of the visitor and the source of income must be outside Mauritius. Finally, they will not be allowed to enter the Mauritian labor market. Teleworking from Mauritius is not considered to be the main place of business.

Other conditions to be fulfilled:

Perform a PCR test five days before travel.

On arrival in Mauritius, respect a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days in an establishment approved by the authorities. It is only after this period that you will be free to move among the Mauritian population and to choose your place of accommodation.

An online travel package will be made available to passengers and will include accommodation, full board, for the 14-day quarantine, transfer from the airport to the hotel and health costs.

In 2019, Mauritius welcomed 1,383,488 foreign tourists (-1.1%), of which 302,038 French (+ 5.8%).

In order to support those who would like to take advantage of this possibility and find safety in Mauritius, the Residence Les Alizés can welcome you after the quarantine period under exceptional price conditions. Please contact us for pricing

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