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Because of the Covid19 crisis, they are still in Mauritius one year later

Rita and Josef are Swiss and like every year, they come to spend three months at the Residence Les alizés. They arrived in January. This period was an opportunity for them to relax and enjoy each other, in a sunny country with a different environment.

A few days after their arrival, the first cases of Covid19 were discovered in Europe. Upon returning to their country, the situation worsened in Europe. After a few days of reflection, their decision was made. They will stay in Mauritius.

Rita et Josef sont un couple de Suisses qui sont arrivés à l’Île Maurice en janvier 2020 pour y passer trois mois. Un an plus tard, ils sont toujours là.

Rita, why did you choose to spend three months each year at the Residence Les alizés?

We spent our first vacation in Mauritius in a hotel. We then met a family who lived in La Gaulette. It was therefore clear that we wanted to spend the next vacation at La Gaulette. The Alizés site was very welcoming. I got an immediate response to many of my questions. The first reception was very warm and welcoming. The apartment was exactly as we were promised.

Rita, what do you like most about us?

Beautiful apartment, beautiful environment with a swimming pool, well maintained residence, well equipped kitchen and Les Alizés is close to the supermarket.

Josef, last February, the first cases of Covid19 appeared in Europe. In April, you normally had to return to Switzerland. Why did you decide to stay in Mauritius?

The airport closed a few weeks before our departure date. Due to our health condition, only a direct flight was possible.

Despite the Coronavirus, we enjoyed the good and pleasant moments we were able to spend with the family. They did our shopping and are still always there to help us. Thank you

Josef, how do you spend your days at the Residence?

Thanks to the climate, my health is much better than in Switzerland. I like to help with odd jobs, take regular short walks, swim in the pool, visit friends at La Gaulette.

I really enjoy the time spent here.

You have been here for a year now, are you satisfied with your long stay? For what reasons?

Due to the Covid-19 situation , we were able to have a particularly pleasant time with the family. We also really like the girls (children). Sweeta, the manager of the residence, is a conscientious, loving and helpful person. She is very knowledgeable and always there for us. Thanks Sweeta.

Would you recommend the residence?

Yes, definitely

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